Vibro x Hypnosis : ZONEOUT



2018 | Visual Auditory Installation | Speaker | Amplifier | Frequency Generator with Processing Programme | Cymatics

RCA Work-In-Progress Show @ RCA Garden House, London, 2018




"Everything that exists in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms

does so on a vibratory basis."


In fact, the low-frequency sound has many applications in influencing people’s health-related activities. Based on my experience of hyperthyroidism, this project aims to bring the body and mind back into balance through perceiving the iterative stimuli of experiential art.


Hypothetically, periodic auditory and visual stimuli may induce a desired state of consciousness that may correspond with brainwave oscillation: neural entrainment. As a means of exploring neural entrainment and psychoacoustic effects, this brainwashing may induce a state of trance as a form of hypnotic experience.


Could iterative artefacts(eg)low-frequency vibration sound) be considered a form of hypnotic experience that affects our state of consciousness?

Open Call Group Exhibition at KCCUK (Korean Cultural Centre UK), London, 2019

Credit by Dan Weill