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Reservoir of time



2018 | Interactive Installation | Motor | Tubes 

Collaboration with Hangna Koh, Hua Zhang





How can we effectively visualize and experience the relationship between information and time?

This project is a tangible time installation that reflects on data culture through theories of information and time. We aimed to visualise our idea for an audience that reaches beyond the design world through our theme of time as it is a quantified element that everyone can relate to.



Ice in the main base, tubes and motor pumps to display circulation, where we purposely created bubbles to show movement clearer, and further apply colours in the ice to naturally display how new and old information flow together as it melts within the tubes.


This project works by asking for the involvement of people to hold the tubes hanging from the main box, as the participation of the heat from a person’s hands: substituting element of own knowledge and experience, would influence the melting of the ice: substituting element of perpetual circulation.

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