: Contemplation Chamber.



2018 | Conceptual Performance | Experiential Experimental Research | EEG

Brainwaive Detect Device | Arduino


@ Picadilly Circus / Regent Canal / Royal College of Art / Korean Cultural Centre , London, UK



These projects were part of experiential researches:'Me-Time (4.0)' that is the self-experiment series that focus on sensory isolation in order to explore atypical, eccentric, but rather

introspective methods that enable me to establish a diverse spectrum within my own comfort zone to get away from a state of the overwhelming external world.




Movement from outward toward inward-outward perception and thought.

Movement from emotional repression toward emotional expression.

Movement from conformity toward deep action and deep interaction.​—

Bernard S Phillips, David Christner, Saving Society: Breaking Out of Our Bureaucratic Way of Life


Open Call Group Exhibition at KCCUK (Korean Cultural Centre UK), London, 2019

Credit by Dan Weill 

Regents Canal, London, UK 2018

Credit by Dan Weill 

Picaddily Circus, London, UK 2018

Credit by Dan Weill