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Chillmatic Moment

2016 | Conceptual Performance | Interactive Wearable Space | Amplifier | ASMR sound 

Thinking Through Sound Intervention — @The Design Museum, London


'Thinking Through Sound' was individual but collective intervention event by each of RCA students (Amy Borley, Anna Grenman, Derek Littel, Karen Bosy, Lewis Kemmenoe and Eunmi Mimi Kim) at the re-opening day of Design Museum, London, 2016, a bunch of people of different gender and age group experienced an experiential / participatory wearable-space object that induced relaxation by Auditory-tactile a cognitive sound of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: Euphoric experience, tingling sensation) I created, played the attached auditory amplifier that I assembled.


Delicate and iterative sound triggers relaxation, alleviates anxiety, ultimately therapeutic experience through wearable object even for a while.

Screenshot 2022-06-11 at 22.55.00.png
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