(b. 1988, KR)

Korea, London based 


I define myself as an experimental-media-practitioner in a contemporary art context. I work at the intersections of visual arts performance, research, digitally-mediated experimentation, installation and sound art. I explore contemplative, technical and theoretical practice but above all things, my work usually research-driven under conceptually-led approaches especially sensorial study including sensory perception, experience and its corresponding communication under my own scientific & medical interest yet emancipatory possibilities of its embodiment in an artistic way. What I’m particularly intrigued by is biology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and prosthetic art. I’ve been trying to reflect my scientific and medical interests into my own form of art through various medium.



To specify this, my interests during my master period at the Royal College of Art were focused on embodied cognition, neural activity and sensory deprivation based on my physical and mental feature and personality-wise: Since I have hormone/stress-related disease called hyperthyroidism, hypersensitivity and meticulousness, I am easily be pushed into sensory overload. Based on this, I dig on transcendental consciousness and therapeutic experience. For instance, < Me-Time (4.0) > series are self-experiments, it aims to align my mind and body back into balance by reducing sensory stimuli through eccentric methods of sensory deprivation and isolation.



Under my hypersensitivity and the avalanche of runaway thoughts, I often encounter an ineffable cognition, perception, sense, thought and feeling in variable moments that are sometimes too elusive to define because not merely the volatility of associative feelings; but also the confined manifestation. Not all things can be decoded by the linguistic and semantic way: yet-to-be-verbalised/defined-senses. I’m eager for articulating who I am, what I think, ultimately, my sensory world by my own artistic language.






Royal College of Art, London, UK — MA Information Experience Design, Experimental Design Pathway 2018

Hanyang University, South Korea — BA Fine Arts, Multimedia and Interactive Design 2013






2019 |   Performance  Inward <—> Outward: Contemplation Chamber — Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK), London

2019 |   CICA New Media Art Conference (NMAC) 2019 — Exhibitor & Presenter - Finalist but refuse to participate.

2019 |   Artist Talk, K-ART NOW — Oxo Tower Wharf, London

2018 |   Artist Talk, Who am I — Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK), London

2018 |   Performance Inward <—> Outward: Contemplation Chamber— Regents Canal, London

2018 |   Performance Inward <—> Outward: Contemplation Chamber— Piccadilly Circus, London

2013 |   Volunteer — Mother Teresa House, India

2011 |   Junior Designer — Tag-It Magazine Company, Korea

2010 |   A Vice representative  — Hanyang University, Korea

2009 |   Multimedia Design Group — Hanyang University, Korea

2008 - 2010 |   Student Union — Hanyang University, Korea




Award | Funding


2020 |    Aesthetica Art Prize 2020 Future Now: 100 Contemporary Artist. long-list

2019 |    Sunny Art Prize 2019, III Prize Winner

2019 |    KCCUK Open Call 2019 Finalist

2019 |    4482 Award with Itta Space Award, Finalist

2019 |    Insatiable Mind SIAF (Salisbury International Arts Festival), WILTSHIRE CREATIVE 2019, Finalist

2019 |    International group exhibition Stranger than Fiction curated by LoosenArt, Finalist

2019 |    13th edition of Art Prize Laguna 2019 First Selection - Performance

2019 |    13th edition of Art Prize Laguna 2019 First Selection - Video art

2019 |    Nominated for the Soohoh Award and the 4482 Award with Itta Space Award.

2018 |    YICCA (International Contest of Contemporary Art) Finalist

2017 |    CHS (Critical History Studies) MA Dissertation @ Royal College of Art awarded as a Distinction  

2016 |    USA, RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), MFA Fellowship & Assistantship

2016 |    USA, NYU TISCH(Tisch School of the Arts Interactive Telecommunications, New York University  MA Scholarship




Media Recognition


2020 |   ARTJOBS — Artist of the month (MARCH): Monthly competition for the on-line platform called ARTJOBS

2020 |   Aesthetica Magazine — Anthology: Future Now Aesthetica Art Prize 2020 - 100 Contemporary Artist Edition.

2019 |   London Korean Link —  Exhibition ‘Ways to Experience’ introduced as the outcome of the annual open call

2019 |   Salisbury Life Magazine —  Exhibition PV event published.

2019 |   Elephant Magazine —  got featured via the website, Instagram, Facebook as an image of the day

2019 |   London Live TV Channel —  Exhibition ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON’

              Introduced as a Voices of Contemporary UK-based Artists from Korea

2019 |   Art Rabbit —  Exhibition ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON’

              Introduced as a Voices of Contemporary UK-based Artists from Korea

2019 |   Create! Magazine — got featured WINTER 2019 International Print issue - Curated section 

              Juried by Margaret Winslow, Curator of Contemporary Art, Delaware Art Museum, Selected Artist.

2018 |   London Korean Link as a review of the London Korean Cultural year 2018

              The exhibition ‘Hey, Siri, What am I doing?’  — selected TOP3 of Korean artist exhibitions of 2018 

2018 |   Murze Magazine — Minimalist Project, Featuring artwork with the interview, Selected Artist 

2018 |   London Korean Link —  Exhibition ‘Hey, Siri, What am I doing?’ introduced as london-based Korean artists





2020 |   Future Now Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 2020 - 100 Contemporary Artist Edition.

2019 |   Side Sleepers: 모로눕는 — Itta Space, Incheon, Korea 

2019 |   Sunny Art Prize Exhibition — Sunny Art Centre, London, UK

2019 |   WAYS TO EXPERIENCE 2019 KCCUK Open Call — Government Organisation: KCCUK (Korean Cultural Centre UK)

2019 |   Insatiable Mind SIAF (Salisbury International Arts Festival) — Wiltshire Creative, Salisbury Arts Centre, UK

2019 |   STRANGER THAN FICTION — Curated by LoosenArt, Millepiani Space, Rome, Italy 

2019 |   THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON — 4482, Oxo Tower Wharf, London

2019 |   Interior Futures — a new multi-volume book project edited by Graeme BrookerHarriet Harriss & Kevin Walker

              published by Crucible Press, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2019 |    YICCA 2018 — International Contest of Contemporary Art, Prsten Gallery, HDLU museum

              Croatian Association of Fine Artists, Zagreb, Croatia

2019 |    Open / No Theme —  Contemporary Art Gallery Online’s 2018 (5th Annual) 

              Open/No Theme art competition and exhibition, Photography & Digital art.                                         

2018 |    Hey, Siri, What am I doing? — Safe House 1, London supported by The Korean Women’s International Network UK

2018 |    RCA MA Final Show — West Work, London

2018 |    RCA Work-In-Progress Show — RCA Garden House, London 

2018 |    Mundane Mantra — ‘First Thursdays’  Organised by White Chapel Gallery, St. John Church, Bethnal Green, London

2017 |    Operating Manual For Living in the Worst Case Scenario — Cabinet, New York, USA

2016 |    Thinking Through Sound Intervention — Design Museum, London 

2014 |    VoyageTypography — Chiangmai, Thailand 

2012 |    Design Complexicon International Exhibition, Korea 

2012 |    Design END & BEGIN (International Invitation Exhibition) — KDDA (Korea Digital Artist Association), Korea 

2012 |  Triangle: Hanyang University BA Fine Arts Degree Show — Digital Pavilion, Seoul, Korea