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Love Me Tender, Love Me Carefully.


2015 | Experimental Communication Installation | 

Moisture Sensor | Arduino | Headphone


The sense of living creatures such as flora and fauna, vegetable intrigued me as much as the sense of human. 


In accordance with the biologist Daniel Chamovitz, What a plant knows - ' A plant, he argues can see, smell, hear and feel'. To be specific, he shows how plants know up from down, and settles the debate, once and for all, over whether or not plants appreciate that music you've been playing.  Along with his research, I believe that plants have a sense of sight, smell, touch, hearing, an awareness of place. Thus, I concluded human-being might as well treat more tenderly and carefully because they can perceive it.


I observed the succulent plant's reaction by the transformation of moisture figure and music.  

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