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<ZENSPA (森)(林)(温)(泉), 2020>

bypassing the conscious mind 

Contemporary New Media Performance | Experiential Experimental Research

EEG (Electroencephalography) : Brainwave Detective Device

Arduino, Processing




ZENSPA (森)(林)(温)(泉): Bypassing The Conscious Mind (2020)> is experimental performance videography that explores sensory deprivation and its therapeutic effect using the EEG (electroencephalogram) - brain wave detective program and breathing machine. This project is an extension of <Me-Time(2020)>, experimenting with eccentric me-time while focusing on a mere ‘BREATHING’ in turn reducing sensory stimuli allow the body to drift into our calm inner-self.


In particular, in this work, I choose a face casting as a method of sensory isolation. Every nerve upon a mere ‘BREATHING’, inhale-exhale moment. Away from an anxious or overwhelmed mind, limiting distractions from sight, smell and sense of orientation. Isolated and paused our mind will feel cut off from the outside world. As I do inhaling and exhaling and inhaling.. after all, there will be just my self, breath, awareness as if floating in the spatial-temporal dimension of consciousness.


In this digitised and fast-paced era, many intangible things are being lost unbeknownst to us, while experiencing adverse effects on human’s neural, physiological and emotional experience, such as sensory overload coming from the gap between development and human adaptation speed. The therapeutic time and space for sympathetic nerves tired of many sensory stimuli that are subliminally triggered by overwhelming digitisation.


Paradoxically, again, we may devise a way to use technology to preserve many things that will be lost more exponentially in the future. Behind the scenes of the era of sensory expansion, people may again use technology in order to cut off their senses again. The counter effect of the digital era, The irony of using technology again to find a solution: the inseparable and indispensable relationship between technology and humans. 






- Ars Electronica X .ART Gallery

.art Domains (UK) Global Gallery Section, Online exhibition

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