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Geometric Accumulation (2015)

:Light Trace Drawing Performance

900*450 | 2D-based Performance |  Long-exposure photography | LED chip | 9V power supply | battery holder | Acrylic Board 5T  |




To create figurative aesthetics through geometric combination, I used the light trace drawing performance.

It began a series of cinematography that I shoot during my long period of travelling.

I found fascinating about the overlapped spread of light, specifically several lines and circles. 

The existence of invisible, intangible stuff from each motion of the light that I made, and every single spontaneous movement of my body but the (long-exposure) time. Eventually all of those are pilled up step by step and combined into one image. I was eager for expression of those invisiblities not just from what it seem to be.

2. 150 Geometric Accumulation 2.jpg
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